Ordering Guide

Thank you for considering placing an order with us, we hope that you will find our website easy to navigate and are able to easily select and order the artwork you need. Below you will find a detailed guide to the website ordering process, but first here's the basics;

Order Minimum 

•    Our order minimum is $1000

Placing Orders

Orders can be placed a variety of different ways:

•    On this website (see guide below)

•    By phone toll free at 800.723.2131

•    By email to: [email protected]


•    Lead times can vary depending on size of order - Most orders ship within 3-4 weeks.

•    Rush shipping is also available 

•    Orders are shipped via common freight carrier

•    Shipping is FOB Boise, ID or FOB Orlando, FL


•    We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards

•    Payment can be made by check or wire transfer

•    First time orders are generally prepaid by credit card or check

•    Credit can be established by providing general credit information and is subject to approval.


•    Picture Galleries guarantees our products unconditionally.

•    If you experience any problems with shipping, please contact our customer support team and we will resolve it to your satisfaction.


How to Order Online


Creating an Account / Logging In

You will need a wholesale website account with us in order to view product options and pricing as well as have the ability to place orders. Links to create a new account or log in to an existing account are provided at the top of every page. Once logged in your account can be viewed at any time by clicking on My Account in the top menu. If you are registering for a new account, please allow a couple of business days for us to confirm and activate your account, at which point you will be sent a confirmation email  and your account will be available to use.

Framing Options 

All of our artwork is available customized to your specifications with a range of mediums, sizes and framing. It's a good idea to visit our Framing Options page for a detailed description of what is available.  


Navigating Products & Categories

Our product library can be navigated in several ways. At the top of any page:

  • Use the Search box to search by part number, title or keyword.
  • Use the New Releases to view only our latest additions.
  • Use the Exclusive Art link to view all images that are only available from Picture Galleries.
  • Use the Browse by Category link to display links to products categorized by genre, color space or orientation.
  • Use the Ready Framed link to view only pre-framed/non-customizable products.
  • Direct links to all of our product categories are also provided at the bottom of every page.

Product Pages & Options

Each piece of art can be viewed either in Quick View mode (appears in pop-up window, displays images, pricing and has ordering ability but no descriptions, related items etc) or Detail mode (displays in new web page, full product descriptions etc). Simply select which mode you prefer by hovering over an item in your category or search results.

Each item has several product images, the primary image for each piece of art is shown as a gallery wrapped canvas, If a 'Ready Framed' option is available, this will be displayed in Image 2 and can can be ordered exactly as shown. A framing description and dimensional information for this option can be found in the product description. Additional images include the artwork displayed in a room setting as well as a larger, straight on view of the unframed artwork.

To the right of the product images the total wholesale price for the artwork is displayed, initially this will be zero until framing/size options are selected from the drop-down product options listed below it. Once you have made the desired selections, click on order and the item will be added to your shopping cart. You also have the option of adding it to one of your Wish Lists. Multiple Wish Lists can be created so that you are able to work on several client projects simultaneously. To view and manage your Wish Lists, orders in progress and past orders, visit the My Account page.


IMPORTANT - Please note that it is a limitation of the website that more product options than are possible, or a combinations of options that are not possible can be selected. Please take care to follow the below instructions when selecting product options so that the correct pricing is displayed, should you make an error, don't worry we will clarify everything with you as we process your Sales Order.   


Drop-down Option - Ready Framed

If available, this drop-down allows you to select a 'Ready Framed', pre-designed and sized piece of art as shown in the 2nd product image, allowing you to make a fast ordering decision should you not wish to make your own, customized framing choices. A description of the Ready Framed's framing and outer dimensions is displayed in the description section of the page.

Drop-down Option - 1.5" Gallery Wrap Canvas

Use this drop-down if you want your artwork on canvas, simply select the desired size. No framing is required however you do have the option of adding a float frame.


Drop-down Option - Float Frame Options

If you have selected a canvas, you can also use this drop-down to add a float frame around the artwork, when a frame is selected an image will display showing the selected frame style and the price will update. Selecting a float frame for a canvas is optional. IMPORTANT: This option should only be selected when you have chosen to order a canvas, we cannot put other print types in float frames.


Drop-down Option - Giclee Print

Use this drop-down if you want your artwork as a gel-coated giclee print. This is similar to traditional framing however glass is eliminated and the print is hand-textured with a gel coat for protection. This method is superior to glass due to its durability & scratch resistance, lack of reflection and UV protection. Simply select the desired size in the same way as for canvas above. 


Drop-down Option - Traditional Frame Options

If you have selected a giclee print, you MUST also use this drop-down to add a frame around the artwork, when a frame is selected an image will display showing the selected frame style and the price will update. Simply select your desired framing in the same way as for float frames above.

IMPORTANT: This option MUST be selected when ordering a giclee print only, we cannot produce giclee prints without traditional frames, likewise we cannot place canvas in traditional frames.

Drop-down Option - Liner Options

If you have selected a giclee print in a traditional frame, you also have the OPTION to add a liner between the frame and the image to add an extra bit of class to your artwork, when a liner is selected an image will display showing the selected style and the price will update. Simply select your desired liner in the same way as for the traditional frame.

IMPORTANT: Liners are OPTIONAL when ordering a giclee print only,  Liner options are not available with canvas and float frames.

In Detail mode, related Items, recently viewed items and links to similar items will also display at the bottom of the page.

Checkout, Shipping & Payment 

Your order in progress can be viewed by clicking on the shopping cart icon at the top right of your screen. The cart will display in a drop down area without loading another page, enabling you to quickly click off it to continue shopping. Alternatively you can click on View Cart for a full page view. Once you are satisfied with your selections, click on Proceed to Check Out. 

Once you click Proceed to Checkout you will be presented with a one page checkout process, listing;

  • Your chosen items (product selections can be seen for each item by clicking on View/Hide Options.
  • Your billing and shipping information (pre-populated from your account information, please make edits as necessary.
  • Shipping method. This item is pre-selected and cannot be changed. Your order will ship by common carrier at the best rate available to us, due to the custom nature of our products we cannot calculate a completely accurate shipping cost until the order is produced and packed ready to ship. We will however send you an estimated shipping cost when we process your Sales Order.
  • Your order total 
  • Payment method, this is pre-selected and cannot be changed. If you have existing credit terms with us we will process your order accordingly. If you are a new customer or do not have terms, we will contact you regarding payment options when we process your Sales Order.
  • Comment box, send us a message regarding your order

Once you are satisfied with everything, click on Checkout, you will be presented with a confirmation screen and a confirmation of your order will be sent to you by email. You will be contacted by email within a 1-2 business days with a Sales Order confirming your product selections and billing/shipping preferences once more, along with your estimated shipping costs and payment terms/options.

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